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Do you ever wish that parenting came with an instruction manual?

Do you often feel alone in your parenting struggles?

Are you looking for resources that will provide insight into parenting? 


Welcome to GoBe Society!

GoBe Society is geared towards parents of children and adolescents with anxiety and will provide support, coaching, and tips for some of the most common parenting concerns during these crucial ages of development. 

Dr. B. has been dealing with anxious children and adolescents for 20 years as a psychologist and joining GoBe Society will give you one-on-one access to her expertise, and the opportunity to ask Dr. B your most pressing parenting concerns. 

GoBe Society will provide a roadmap for these often challenging years for children and adolescents and their parents, along with a support group to help you feel less lonely on your parenting journey.

If your child is resistant or reluctant to go to therapy, or if you feel like your struggles don’t require individual therapy, GoBe Society is the perfect solution to help navigate all those tricky parenting situations. 

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