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We envision a world in which every parent and child understands their importance, connects authentically with others and uses their unique talents and gifts to brighten the world.

Parenthood: It’s at once the most joyful

and most difficult job on the planet.

There is no user manual to consult when we have a question or a struggle—just a cacophony of conflicting advice from books, blogs, and well-meaning friends and family (who should probably mind their own business).


It can feel helpless to see our children struggle with self-doubt, anxiety, insecurity, impulsivity, and other troublesome emotions and behaviors. We’ve hardly healed these in ourselves; how are we supposed to help our children overcome them to become the confident, loving, brave, resilient people we know they can be?


When the pandemic hit, and her email inbox was flooded with questions from hundreds of struggling parents, clinical psychologist Dr. Chassia Boczko realized the need for families to have access to affordable, online support as an alternative (or supplement) to traditional one-on-one therapy. It was then that Dr. Boczko founded GoBe Society, providing families everywhere with ongoing professional guidance and a toolbox of powerful strategies for addressing emotional, social, and behavioral challenges at home and in school.


Through a uniquely holistic, hands-on, family-oriented approach that emphasizes positivity, empathy, and connection, the GoBe Society empowers parents and children to communicate effectively, face tough situations with poise and resilience, and foster authentic relationships with others and themselves.


The Power of Positivity
We believe in the power of a positive mindset to shape our reality and the way we think and act, giving us the ability to face tough situations with creativity and resilience.


Connection is Key

There is immense power in connection with others to shift perspectives, regulate behavior, and foster growth. Vulnerability in relationships is a strength, not a weakness.


Judgment Free Zone

We accept people for who they are, what they think, and what they believe. We don’t judge ourselves or others for past mistakes or failings. We listen and respond with empathy and compassion.


Respect For All

We treat others and ourselves with dignity, respect boundaries, and acknowledge the inherent value, worth, and uniqueness of every person.


Putting in the Effort 

We don't settle for less than we know we’re capable of or deserve. No matter our challenges, we can become the best version of ourselves.


Personal Ownership

We believe that we are capable of making our own moral decisions, and we take responsibility for our actions and mistakes.


About our founder, Dr. Chassia Boczko

Affectionately known as “Dr. B” by her patients, families, and colleagues, Dr. Chassia Boczko is a leading clinical child psychologist who been empowering children and families for twenty years. She is known for her warm, approachable, holistic approach; her unique ability to relate to both parents and children; and her talent for teaching emotional and social skills in a creative and memorable way.


Dr. Boczko received a BA in Psychology, magna cum laude, from Stern College and a Psy.D. in Clinical Child Psychology from The Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. She completed her post-doctorate in mood disorders and spent her early career working in hospitals and clinics, giving her hands-on experience in a range of psychological disorders, including attachment disorders, psychosis, relational disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, cognitive/learning disorders, and developmental disabilities. Dr. Boczcko is licensed in both New Jersey and New York and has had a private practice in Woodmere, New York since 2009, where she provides psychological services and consultation for children, families, teachers, and staff at recognized institutions and schools throughout the tristate area. She also co-founded the Shadow Training Institute in 2009 to train shadows to work with children in a more empowering way using proven cognitive-behavioral therapy methods.

As a mother of four children, each with their own personalities and styles of learning, Dr. B has a unique understanding of the perspective of parents as well as the role family dynamics play. She launched GoBe Society so that every parent and child can have access to her empowering tools and methods for emotional well being.

IMG_7898 (2).jpg

"Her ability to clearly and effectively communicate
with so many different people is a rare gift."


One of Dr. B’s superpowers is her ability to relate to so many different types of people. Some therapists are great at talking to kids but have trouble relating to parents and teachers, or vice versa. Dr. B can communicate with parents in the way they need to understand, with other professionals in a vocabulary that speaks to them, with teachers in their language, and with a six-year-old in a way that makes her so happy and calm. Her ability to clearly and effectively communicate with so many different people is a rare gift.


—A client of Dr. B

“I would always find myself saying,
‘Do you have paper and a pencil? I have to write this down!’”

Within a few minutes of speaking to Dr. B,  I would always find myself saying, “Do you have paper and a pencil? I have to write this down!” Some psychologists have a lot of ideas but they’re not realistic to incorporate into your life. Dr. B gives such extremely practical ideas that make me wonder why I didn’t think of them myself. I leave every conversation with her feeling like I’ve gained so much insight and so many practical tools for how to be a better parent.


—A client of Dr. B

“Dr. B believed in my son. 

And she enabled me to believe in him, too.”

Dr. B is one of the few people who really "got" my son. She saw all his strengths. My son would confide to her and tell her insights into himself that would blow me away. They would talk and she would always give these analogies that would help him understand in a concrete way what he had to do. Dr. B believed in him. She believed he would be able to be part of society and be successful. And she enabled me to believe in him, too.


—A client of Dr. B

“Anyone could have given up on my daughter.
But Dr. B never gave up.”

When our daughter would begin to unravel the entire family with her behaviors, Dr. B never stopped coming up with ideas. If one idea didn’t work or wasn’t practical for our family, she’d simply move onto the next. She did it all in the most professional, empathetic way, with so much understanding and absolutely no judgment whatsoever. Anyone could have given up on my daughter, but Dr. B never gave up.


—A client of Dr. B

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