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What does it mean to be flexible?

When we think of an object being flexible, that means it can bend without breaking. And it’s the same for human beings: when we can adapt to new circumstances and accept change even when we don’t like it and it wasn’t what we would have chosen, we’ve mastered the art of flexibility. But flexibility doesn’t come naturally; it’s a skill that must be practiced and developed. We created this chart to help you teach your child about the value of being flexible and motivate them to practice this important skill in a fun way.


… stay calm and breathe to de-stress and let your brain work at its best.



… about your goal. Is it to be a more flexible friend, so that others do the same for you? Or are you thinking of a prize that’s super cool?



… a “please” and ask nicely if you can do it your way. If the answer’s no, then add a hug to feel better or a fun game you can play.

Purple Star.png


… you’ve got this! This may not be your first choice, but is it your

second or fourth? Flex those flexibility muscles—you’ve done it before!

Help your child flex their flexibility muscles and motivate them with treats and prizes along the way!

As your child practices being flexible, they’ll get “flex points” and advance through the levels on the chart, earning treats and prizes. With each harder level, represented by the three colors, they’ll need to accumulate more flex points (5, 7, and 9 respectively) before earning a treat. When they complete a level, they earn a small prize. When they complete all three levels, they earn a big prize.*


Here’s how it works. Before you begin, decide on some treats, three small prizes and one big prize with your child. Write them on the chart to remind them what they’re working toward when things get hard.


Every time your child is flexible—they agree to do something that isn’t their first choice—give them a flex point by filling in a circle. In the spirit of working as a team, give yourself a flex point and fill in the lighter circle when you show flexibility toward your child.


Keep going until they’ve reached the end and become a FLEX SUPER STAR—and earned their BIG prize!

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