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Therapy Sessions

Dr. B. is available for one-on-one therapy sessions for both parents and children. Therapy assists children and teens in navigating the daily challenges of life. Using a combination of CBT, play therapy, and psychodynamic theory, Dr. B. works with her clients to effectively treat anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, disordered eating, social anxiety and social skills, low self-esteem, impulsivity, ADHD, relationships, transitions, family dynamics and more. In addition to therapy sessions for children and teens, Dr. B. is available for family therapy sessions and parental guidance sessions. 

Group Sessions

Dr. B is available to speak for groups of parents and/or children on specific topics and themes. This is a cost-effective option for parents who are looking for an alternative to individual therapy for general parenting issues. 

Simply organize a like-minded group of parents or children looking for advice and guidance on similar parenting or life topics and book Dr. B. to share her wisdom, insight, and experience with the group. 

The GoBe Society is a global online community empowering parents with evidence-based tools and support for raising happy, confident, resilient kids and building a more peaceful home.

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