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  • Would you send your child outside into the hot summer sun without sunscreen?

  • Would you send your child to overnight camp without a suitcase of clothing?

  • Would you wave goodbye to the day camp bus, without making sure your child is prepared for the day ahead? 

You wouldn’t send your child to face the day without the necessities for the day ahead, so don’t send them off without the social and emotional tools they need for a successful summer. 


With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Chassia Boczko recognized a common concern of many parents.


  • How can I help create an enjoyable summer experience for my anxious child?

  • My child is anxious about the lack of structure in the summer. How can I be sure they will effectively communicate their needs to their counselors?

  • Does my child have the tools to build new friendships?

  • My child has many questions and concerns about camp, how can I reduce my child’s anxiety and ensure that my child looks forward to the camp experience? 

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Introducing the Summer Cohort, designed to prepare parents and their children for a successful summer experience of fun, friendship, and growth. Free from the stresses of a long school day and all the academic demands, the summer offers the perfect space for children to gain the tools, skills, and practice they need to manage their anxiety.
Now is the time to invest in your child, and ensure your child is set up for success. 
NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE :  6-week cohort consists of:

  • Recording of LIVE parent Q&A. 

  • 20 min recording for parents with class handout download.

  • 5-7 minute recording for children with homework.

This cohort will benefit your entire family, providing crucial insight and advice that will transform not only your child’s summer but will transform your family for life. Together we can transform anxiety into excitement and enthusiasm, stress into calm, and create a summer to remember. 


Quick Course Overview

Week One

Empower Emotionally.

What's my role as a parent of an anxious child heading into the summer months. How can I prepare my child for going to camp for the first time or as a nervous returnee? How do we pump up our children emotionally for a positive summer? This week will provide the information and tools for parents to empower their children to approach their summer experience with excitement and positivity. 

Tools and Tips to transform anxiety into excitement.

Week Two

Educate Socially. 

How do I help my shy child find their voice? How can I give them the tools to enjoy a new camp or an unstructured environment when they become uncomfortable, anxious, shy, quiet around people, or in new situations? What to do when faced with drama among friends, enemies, bunkmates, any or all of the above. This week will focus on providing strategy and skills to navigate social situations including making friends, dealing with bullies, competition, cliques, counselor favoritism, and more. 

Teaching our children to successfully navigate social situations.

Week Three

Energize for Success.

Tips and tools to energize your child to successfully handle the responsibility of themselves and their stuff while away from home, or out of the routine structure of the school day. For picky eaters, messy kids, and those spacy with their stuff, this week will be full of valuable insight and skills to help your child feel empowered and energized for success. 

Strategies to empower your child to be responsible, independent, and feel positive.

Week Four

Empathize and Support.

How do we best support our children going through challenges? What tools, tips, and skills can help my child navigate uncomfortable situations or disliking camp or their summer plans. This week will also focus on empathy and how to emotionally support a  child dealing with moments of homesickness, feelings of FOMO, and what to do if they feel bored, lonely, sad, or disappointed. These techniques to deal with difficult feelings will help your child for the rest of their life. 

Helping your child navigate uncomfortable and challenging emotions and situations. 

Week Five

Live Q+A for Children

This session will address any specific questions that the children might have. Children will have the opportunity to submit questions for Dr. B. to answer during the live. Dr. B. will review the weekly videos, tools, tips, and insights the children have received in weeks 1-4. 

Week Six

Effort for a Happily Ever After.

What effort does your child need to put in to achieve a successful summer? How can we teach our children to communicate effectively to get the most out of their summer plans? This week will focus on planning and daily logistics to make the summer fun and productive, as well as specific issues that might arise throughout the summer. This week will also address creating a successful visiting day experience and tips for packages and mail, and phone calls throughout camp. 

Routines, Tips, and Planning that will create an enjoyable summer for all. 

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