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Power UP your child

Are you looking for ways to empower your kids at home this summer? Is your child home because they don't feel comfortable going away in the summer? Or perhaps it is because of social reasons? This summer, start by empowering them to use their voice. Practice different ways of communication. Always start with an area of strength. Perhaps your child is an 👩‍🎨. Use that to empower them socially! Try a parent-child art journal to work on together. Working side by side on a continuous process with one side of the journal for the child and another for the parent allows for open communication without actually having to talk. Some kids need options like this to communicate authentically! Learning to communicate in different ways will help them in more social settings. ( 👉🏼🔗in bio for some awesome options.)

Do they just generally feel disconnected? Connect and understand where they are at. Start with creating a deeper connection with you, so they feel confident in relationships. Start with speaking to them without judgment, but rather with curiosity, as an observer. Always with positivity and respect. Enter their 🌎and spend time doing what they enjoy. For example, if your child loves 🎶, listen and discover new music together. Check out @brachajaffemusic for some inspiration.

Do they struggle with trying new things? Here are some great websites to try some new things this summer. If they enjoy 🧑‍🍳, subscribe to monthly cooking adventures at @raddishkids (great for kosher families!), or maybe your child is more inclined to @kiwico_inc for STEAM themed activity kits. These creative subscriptions provide opportunities to try new things in areas where your child already feels comfortable. Trying new things together with you, in the comfort of their own home, creates a feeling of success, providing the confidence to try even bigger new things in the future. Whatever the reason, the summer is a perfect time to empower and uplift your child.

Stay tuned for more ways YOU can empower your child! You don't want to miss out on this community of support, information, and inspiration! Watch the LIVE for all the details, and let me know 👇 favorite tip for empowerment!

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