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They say it takes a village. 
You’ve finally found it.
The GoBe Society is a global online community empowering parents with evidence-based tools and support for raising happy, confident, resilient kids and building a more peaceful home.
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(And that’s without a pandemic turning our world upside-down.)

  • Do you feel that daily stressors like jobs and family dynamics are getting in the way of you being the parent you want to be?

  • Do you second guess yourself and constantly worry that you’re a “bad parent”?


  • Do you often struggle to maintain your own sense of emotional equilibrium, let alone instill that skill in your child?



And you’re not alone.

As a GoBe Society member, you’ll learn how to:

Apply simple, science-based tools
for improving emotional health
Create loving, cooperative, and harmonious family relationships
Instill confidence, independence,
and resilience in your kid

"Simple yet incredibly effective strategies designed for real life."

As a busy working mom with three amazing but highly energetic kids with their share of difficult moments, what I love about GoBe Society is that it gives me a toolbox. No abstract ideas or complex methods I need to study or remember in the heat of the moment, but simple yet incredibly effective strategies designed for real-life struggles I face as a parent (and human!) on a daily basis. These methods WORK. It’s as simple as that.


—Susie M.

Meet our founder, Dr. Boczko

Mom of four. Clinical psychologist. Child and family therapist. Art collector. Sour candy eater. Fashion lover. 

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Bedtime protests. Sibling fighting. Homework anxiety.

Screen-time power struggles. Meltdowns in aisle seven.

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably felt frustrated and utterly stumped by all of these behaviors at some point.


You know that relating to your child with understanding, curiosity, love, and a healthy dose of humor empowers them to be the best version of themselves. But translating theory into practice isn’t always easy—especially in the hard moments.


The truth is that to raise the children we hope to raise, we have to learn to become the person we hoped to be. Both goals are a journey, not a destination—and we can all use some help along the way.


Led with the compassion and clarity of a clinical psychologist who’s helped families navigate these challenges for over two decades, the GoBe Society provides parents and children with a toolbox of simple, actionable insights, strategies, and exercises for improving emotional and mental health.


Build a relationship of trust and transparency with your child


Ensure that your family is on the same page, learning how to address issues together as a team


Equip your family with skills for dealing with problematic behaviors like anxiety, impulsivity, and aggression.


Empower your child to succeed socially and academically, fit in with their peers, and feel more confident


Get support from a clinical psychologist, without paying for one-on-one therapy


Build a more peaceful, united home


“Dr. B is a master of the

science and art of therapy.”

She approaches her work from a cognitive-behavioral perspective, but is so creative and engaging in her methods, often using humor, acronyms, or mnemonic devices as tools to gently address changes that need to be made. She sees the potential of each child, relates to them on their level, without babying, and helps them gain invaluable insight into their own thoughts and behaviors, while gently pushing them to make needed changes.


— Rachel B. 

Browse our collection of videos for simple strategies

to address common parenting struggles.

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